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Upper triangular matrix
三角矩陣 (Triangular matrix)


在線性代數中,三角矩陣是方形矩陣的一種,因其非零係數的置換呈三角形狀而得名。三角矩陣分上三角矩陣和下三角矩陣兩種。上三角矩陣的對角線左下方的係數全部為零,下三角矩陣的對角線右上方的係數全部為零。 三角矩陣可以看做是一般方陣的一種簡化情形。 维基百科


Upper Triangular Matrix ... U_(ij)={a_(ij) for i<=j; ... Written explicitly,. U=[a_(11) a_(12) ... a_( ... can be tested to determine if it is upper triangular in the ...
is called an upper triangular matrix or right triangular matrix. A lower or left triangular matrix is commonly denoted with the variable L, and an upper or ...
The upper triangular matrix has all the elements below the main diagonal as zero. Also, the matrix which has elements above the main diagonal as zero is ...
Types Of Matrices: Determinants and Matrices
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If we now restrict our attention to square matrices, we may say that the resulting row-reduced matrices are upper triangular ...
Upper triangular matrix(来源:www.sciencedirect.com)
Diagonal Matrices, Upper and Lower Triangular Matrices. Linear Algebra. MATH 2010. • Diagonal Matrices: – Definition: A diagonal matrix is a square matrix ...
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1. Upper Triangular Matrix: A square matrix (aij) is said to be an upper triangular matrix if all the elements below the principal diagonal are ...

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