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We develop and supply innovative vector control solutions towards sustainable management of vector-borne diseases. Latest News. World Malaria Day 2021.
We are committed to protecting public health through excellence in vector control. We establish vector management programs that understand the unique ...
Talk to people in your community about storing food and water properly, keeping shelters and houses clean, cleaning the environment, using bed nets at night ...
Limiting exposure to insects or animals that are known disease vectors can reduce infection risks significantly. For example, bed nets, window screens on homes, ...
Introducing the new product TOA. An electronic thermostat (temperature monitor) for NTC temperature sensors with outputs for… #. 07/2021 - ...
alternative to disease prevention by vector control. ... Bed nets treated with insecticide can reduce the risk of insect bites and infection.
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Vector Control. Saving Lives. Projects Who We Work With ... New Nets Project – Net Distribution Mali June 2020 (PSI:Mali) Image Icon. #IRM #IVM #Malaria ...
Sign up for Email Notifications from Vector Control. Find us under the Environmental Health heading. Follow SDFightTheBite on Facebook and Twitter · Additional ...
Mosquitoes: Rats and Mice
Zika virus: Plague
West Nile virus: Hantavirus
作者:World Health Organization2019被引用次数:31 — 3.2 Vector control across different malaria transmission settings. 30. 4. Recommendations on core interventions. 34. 4.1 Insecticide-treated nets (ITNs).
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DISTRICT personnel are available to address any mosquito problem you may be experiencing by calling 1-800-429-1022. CONTACT. [email protected]

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