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Vessel Measurement in Shallow Water
2021/07/08developing standard 17208-3 for the measurement of vessel underwater radiated noise (URN) in shallow water. Measurements in shallow water are ...
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2020/08/11There are 3 problems for ship noise source level measurements in shallow water: first is the standing-wave ...
A Brooker 著2016被引用数: 45Measurements of radiated noise from a ship in shallow coastal waters were undertaken. •. Experimental and data analysis procedures used were ...
P Yezhen 著被引用数: 1in shallow water could not be compared. Only the “real” source level could be compared. Aschau(20m). Hegernes(300m). Ship noise measured in Aschau.
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T Sipilä 著ABSTRACT. The underwater noise of icebreaker Polaris was measured in shallow water. The measurements were conducted using one hydrophone at the sea bottom ...
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A Vessel Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (VMADCP) was used for current measurements. However, with a mean water depth of 20 to 30m, the main part ...
D Tollefsen 著2020被引用数: 5For measurements on ships-of-opportunity (i.e., outside measurement ranges) and at shallow-water sites (where multipath and seabed ...
of underwater sound from ships – Part. 3: Requirements for measurements in shallow water. • ISO/DIS 18405.2:2016 Underwater acoustics – Terminology.
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MJG Parsons 著2021被引用数: 1Additionally, accurate determination of monopole SLs in shallow water is ... 1 and 2) to measure and report noise levels of vessels in deep water [32,33].

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