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fencing.vim ... Change buffer options depending on the context. Embedded syntax, also known as fenced code blocks, are common when editing filetypes like HTML, ...
60 x 48 Level Entry Shower System · Easy-to-Install · Included Shower Pan · Multi Layered Waterproofing · Code Approved · 10 Year Warranty.
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The Vim barrier system has a neat folding design that can be quickly set up. Ideal for use around open man holes and ground works.
Type: High Density Polyethylene
Height: 1000mm
May 31, 2019Vim barrier is the most compact folding barrier on the market. It is very easy to transport and can be installed by one person very quickly.
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For really stubborn stains, leave vim to penetrate longer before wiping clean. Always test on a small inconspicuous are before use. Removes dirt and germs.
Material state: Powder
Product weight: 500g
(3)£1.25In stock
Mar 2, 2016Enable syntax highlighting within fenced code blocks in Markdown documents in Vim: Install the latest version of the vim-markdown plugin.
Arnold Robbins2011Computers
Option cmode color-scheme (cs) comment-prefix comments cursor-tokens dirc dos fcolor fence-begin fence-end fence-if fence-elif fence-else fence-fi ...
Arnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah, Linda Lamb2008Computers
Listing a pair of characters that are also in fence- pairs causes text enclosed by the pair to be further indented. A built-in major mode for C code.
wall Vim Command. To save / write windows in Linux / Unix using Vim Editor.

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