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西安市,古稱長安、京兆、鎬京、西京,位於中華人民共和國中部,緊鄰幾何中心。在陝西省內位於中南部、渭河平原正中,為目前的陝西省省會城市,也是特大城市、國家中心城市、關中城市群核心城市。西安市的行政級別為副省級市,是陝西省乃至西北地區的政治、經濟、文化、交通、醫療、教育中心。 維基百科
佔地面積: 10,097 平方公里
海拔高度: 405 公尺
天氣: 4°C;風向與風速:東北 11 公里/時;濕度:71% weather.com
所屬省份: 陝西省
區碼: 29
花: 石榴花
鄰近地區: 和平門電子城建國門南郊大學區
Xian (Taoism) · (in Daoist philosophy and cosmology) spiritually immortal; transcendent human; celestial being · (in Daoist religion and pantheon) physically ...
發音為"xian" 之漢字有:. 四聲, 首字(head characters). ㄒㄧㄢ · xian1 · 先, 掀, , 暹, 祆, 銛, 秈, 仙, 僊, , 氙, 鮮, 纖, 綅 · ㄒㄧㄢˊ · xian2 ...
2022年1月9日Strict implementation of zero-Covid rules has its own challenges, city finds, from food shortages and health app ...
Embrace Beijing's nightlife at Xian, our trendy bar, lounge and terrace. Enjoy tasty cocktails, fine whiskies and live music in this ...
24 小時前The city of Xian, China lifted its covid-19 lockdown on Monday after a month of imposing some of the toughest public health measures in the ...
Xian Group is a foreign capital company based in Hong-Kong, specialized in import of food commodities such as fresh and frozen meat and also cooked products ...
Hui Xian REIT (Stock Code: 87001) is the first RMB-denominated REIT listed in Hong Kong. Its asset is its investment in Hui Xian BVI, which in turn holds ...
Xian Kitchen · Jing Xuan · Tasuro · Flair · Lobby Lounge · Spa · Area & Activities · Meetings Meetings Menu. Meeting Room ...
2022年1月5日The reported tragedy has tapped into mounting anguish and disbelief about dysfunction in Xian, the central ...

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