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由 JS Milne 著作被引用 47 次algebraic geometry regular (polynomial) functions algebraic varieties topology continuous functions topological spaces.
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For example, algebraic geometry over the field of real numbers is sometimes surprising (consider for example the plane “curves” given by the equations.
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basic course in algebraic geometry. I wanted to make accessible to the nonspecialist an area of mathematics whose results up to now have been.
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Algebraic geometry: a first course / Joe Harris. p. cm.-(Graduate texts in mathematics; 133). Includes bibliographical references and index. P. R. Halmos.
2013年6月11日low algebraic geometry to connect several parts of mathematics are ... about other geometric kinds of spaces in algebraic geometry, ...
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2014年3月3日Chapter 2 on page 35 develops classical affine algebraic geometry, provid- ing a foundation for scheme theory and projective geometry. it ...
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由 J Gallier 著作2016被引用 1 次Elementary Algebraic Geometry. 1.1 History and Problems. Diophantus (second century A.D.) looked at simultaneous polynomial equations with Z ...
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由 IV Dolgachev 著作2013被引用 6 次variety over k studied in algebraic geometry. One can generalize the notion of a solution of a system of equations by allowing K to be any commutative k-.
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由 W FULTON 著作2008被引用 101 次theory of algebraic curves from the viewpoint of modern algebraic geometry, but without excessive prerequisites.
由 M Reid 著作2013被引用 434 次Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry. Miles Reid. Math Inst., University of Warwick,. 1st preprint edition, Oct 1985.
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