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The anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway (Figure ​4) is an extension of the general flavonoid pathway, which starts with the chalcone synthase (CHS) mediated synthesis of naringenin chalcone from 4-coumaroyl-CoA and malonyl-CoA.2018年3月9日
Environmental Regulation of the Anthocyanin Pathway由 Y Liu 著作2018被引用 243 次The anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway (Figure 4) is an extension of the general flavonoid pathway, ...
Anthocyanins in plants are synthesized via the general flavonoid pathway, whereby three molecules of malonyl-CoA and one ...
由 C Bu 著作2020被引用 15 次The biosynthesis of anthocyanins in plants has been widely elucidated and well-understood. First, phenylalanine is converted into 4-coumaryl CoA ...
由 F He 著作2010被引用 514 次Generally, the basic flavonoid upstream pathway of anthocyanin biosynthesis (down to the synthesis of anthocyanidins) is under the control of ...
由 Y Ma 著作2021pathway. However, the signal transduction of light and molecular regulation of anthocyanin synthesis remains to be explored.
由 TA Holton 著作1995被引用 1974 次Anthocyanin and Flavonol Biosynthetic Pathway. Page 3. Anthocyanin Biosynthesis. 1073 pigments. The extent of modification of the anthocyanins also.
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BiosynthesisAnthocyanins belong to a parent class of molecules called flavonoids synthesized via the phenylpropanoid pathway. They occur in all tissues ...
由 R Horiuchi 著作2020被引用 1 次The major anthocyanin of red cabbage is cyanidin (Cy) mono- and di-acyltriglucoside; however, the biosynthetic pathway to generate this ...
UDP-GUA: UDP-glucuronic acid UGT
UDP: uridine diphosphate
UDP-glucose: dependent glucosyltransferase
UDP-G: UDP-glucose

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