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Symmetry boundary conditions can be used whenever the EM fields have a plane of symmetry through the middle of the simulation region. By taking advantage of this symmetry, the simulation volume and time can be reduced by factors of 2, 4 or 8.
anti symmetric fdtd
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For systems that are both periodic and have symmetry, select symmetry (or anti-symmetry) on both boundaries. This allows you to simulate only 1/2 of one ...
To model symmetry or anti-symmetry, the geometry and the restraints must be symmetric about a plane. The loads must be either symmetric or anti-symmetric. Both ...
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Figure 3 depicts the symmetric and anti-symmetric modal field profiles of an individual microdisk as calculated by the FDTD simulations. Symmetric/Anti- ...
Mar 8, 2022[toc] 原文链接【DEEPL翻译的】 只要电磁场有一个通过模拟区域中间的对称平面,就可以使用对称性边界条件。通过利用这种对称性,仿真体积和时间可以 ...
How are symmetry boundary conditions implemented in FDTD? ... Therefore, the x min boundary should be set to anti-symmetric and the y-min boundary condition ...
2012 Lumerical Solutions, Inc. Symmetric/Anti-Symmetric boundaries. ▫ Symmetric/Anti-Symmetric. • Can reduce memory/time for symmetric simulations.
by R Blanchard2012Cited by 119and (b) antisymmetric modes supported by a V-shaped antenna ... geometry used for FDTD simulations with h = 1.2 μm and.
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Yong-zhen Huang, Yue-de Yang2021Technology & Engineering
105 a = 5 μm 104 Analytic symmetry Analytic antisymmetry FDTD symmetry FDTD ... Symmetric and antisymmetric exciting sources are used to simulate ...

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