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Business Pursuits Coverage
Most homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for liability relating to "business pursuits." Although the exact formulation varies by state, the courts generally define a "business pursuit" as a continual or recurrent activity carried out for financial gain.
business pursuits are involved
Business Pursuits means any full-time, part-time or occasional activity of any kind undertaken for financial gain, and includes a trade, profession or ...
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Sep 3, 2015Cases involving the potential applicability of a Business Pursuits exclusion, in a homeowners policy, can be interesting.
Jan 5, 2016Generally, the business pursuit exception is intended to apply to all activities that are involved in furtherance of any business, employment, ...
Some insurers look to the continuity and profit motive of the business before determining that a “business pursuit” is involved. • Even if the business ...
by DH HardyWorkplace claims can often involve personal clashes and resulting libel, slander and defamation claims — or even assault and battery claims. — between coworkers ...
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included*. This insurance does not apply: 1. To "bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of the "business" pursuits of the "insured" in.
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BUSINESS PURSUITS. SCHEDULE*. Name And Business Of Insured. Corporal Punishment. D Check here if Liability for corporal punishment is covered and Section II ...
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The court defined business pursuits as an activity "intended to generate profits ... Akita show dogs for money, which included a kennel behind their home.
... of homeowner's insurance policies included a “Business Pursuits Exclusion. ... While there is not a great deal of case law involving Airbnb on this ...

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