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The answer is two-fold. First, we used Data 's contentsOf to download data from the internet, which is what's known as a blocking call.
Mar 8, 2012The problem is that it is doing this blocking on the UI thread, and testAsync is trying to resume on the UI thread context.
Feb 5, 2021The operating system defines an application hang as a UI thread that ... and cannot unblock until the target thread 'releases' that call.
Why does the ProgressBar update in theoretically blocked UI thread? In simple app I have a ProgressBar and a Label. I run a time-consuming method in UI ...
ReadOnly – Doesn't block other requests because this request can't update session Disabled – Can't block, and your best option for performance in ...
Dec 5, 2019Web workers run in parallel with the main thread, but unlike OS threading they can't share variables. Don't confuse web workers with service ...
Mar 9, 2019There's multiple background threads but only one main thread. One thing to note is that main queue is a serial queue, where task will execute ...
May 9, 2018NOT SAFE, instant deadlock when called from UI thread ... The problem is that if you blocked the threads which are supposed to work on the ...
Nov 3, 2018For one, if you are writing a UI application, there is usually the single main thread that handles all the UI interactions and events.

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