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2019年4月27日cocos creator制作游戏前端tab栏. 制作背景. 创建一个单色精灵节点作为背景命名为 bg , size 调为640*1136 背景. 制作tab栏.
2020年5月12日cocos creator tab标签按钮组件tabButtonGroup有些UI界面有切换tab标签的需求,为了减少重复工作,提取了tabButtomGroup组件,主要功能是挂载组件时 ...
2020年5月13日cocos creator tab标签按钮组件tabButtonGroup有些UI界面有切换tab标签的需求,为了减少重复工作,提取了tabButtomGroup组件,主要功能是挂载组件时 ...
2022年1月1日cocos creator制作游戏前端tab栏制作背景创建一个单色精灵节点作为背景命名为bg , size 调为640/ 1136.
Contribute to cocos-creator/demo-ui development by creating an account on GitHub.
cocos creator tab标签按钮组件tabButtonGroup有些UI界面有切换tab标签的需求,为了减少重复工作,提取了tabButtomGroup组件,主要功能是挂载组件时自动创建tabButton ...
Moving panels. Click the tab bar on the panel and drag to move the whole panel to any position in the editor window. The red box in the picture ...
Scene is the core working area of content creation. You will use it to choose and place the scene image, character, special effect, UI and other game elements.
How to change focus to next EditBox when press Tab. huyhungkun July 17, 2016, 3:22am #2. Hi, I don't use cocos creator but this is my code in cocos2d js

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