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This page contains the various tools to assess national statistical capacity, particularly as it relates to SDGs. It also provides access to guidance and ...
SDG Monitoring and Reporting Toolkit for UN Country Teams - Sustainable Development Goal Indicators.

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“Localizing" is the process of taking into account subnational contexts in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, from the setting of goals and targets, ...
Measuring and monitoring progress towards the SDGs. ... to the lead role for ensuring coordination and collaboration in SDG measurement and monitoring.
74 pages·4 MB
group in charge of coordinating the SDG monitoring systems. However, monitoring the SDGs under a multi-stakeholder lens is still a challenge for the Anda-.
by E Mulholland2018Cited by 6monitoring. 3 High - level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity - Building for statistics for the 2030 Agenda for. Sustainable Development ...
38 pages·1 MB
targets. The implementation, monitoring and reporting of the SDG Goal 11 will enhance the coordination mechanisms of national and local authorities.
96 pages·9 MB
The objective of the Statistical Coordination Group for the 2030 Agenda in ... the framework of monitoring the SDGs for Latin America and the Caribbean.
coordinating, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals for high quality of life for all Kenyans ...
Representatives of UNESCO's Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and the Japanese government meet to review current projects and affirm continued ...

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