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d.a.m tone bender mark dimensions mm
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Image result for d.a.m tone bender mark  dimensions mm
Image result for d.a.m tone bender mark  dimensions mm
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The first 100 or so Tone Bender MkI fuzzes were housed in wooden enclosures, ... a Tone Bender MkII, as it had identical specs to the Sola Sound version.
2015 D*A*M 1965 from the 2nd run. No mods or issues. Works perfect and sounds great. Mullard OC78/OC82DM Comes with ...
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It is a MK1.5 Tone Bender that is nicknamed the MK 1.75. ... D*A*M Sola Sound Tone Bender Mark IV Yellow. $849.99 ... St. Paul, MN, United States.
Sola Sound SCB Tone Bender by David Main. the blue one they call the meanie. This is a MKII based on my very own vintage pedal .
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Apr 3, 2014The Tone Bender is much more engagin in MANY WAYS! ... its just me, or those D.A.M. MKII pro have mor capacitor than the original sola sound ...
Feb 22, 2012What if Colorsound still made the Tone Bender MKIV in 1981. ... Thanks Mark, I'll replace the 100n mylars with monolithics to save space and ...
Feb 21, 2022A Mark II Tone Bender for modern players, the Rosie has a combination JFET and silicon transistor circuit, which nullifies any temperature ...
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The Tone Bender MKI. The UK fuzz box phenomenon began in 1965 when electronics engineer Gary Stewart Hurst designed an effects pedal called a ...
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Aug 4, 2012Been making these Sola Sound Tone Benders for a good wee while now so ... (2013-07-29) Sola Sound - DAM - MKIV Tone Bender tonebender 0C75's ...
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