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discourse relation study
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… neural discourse models for implicit discourse relation
Rutherford · Cited by 42
… -lingual Discourse Relation Analysis: A corpus study …
Li · Cited by 30
by R TrnavacCited by 10The paper presents a corpus study that focuses on the following two questions: (1) How different discourse relations according to Rhetorical Structure ...
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A discourse relation is a description of how two segments of discourse are logically and/or structurally connected to one another.
by JJ Li2014Cited by 30Cross-lingual Discourse Relation Analysis: A corpus study and a semi-supervised classification system. In Proceedings of COLING 2014, the 25th International ...
by C Roze2019Cited by 2Discourse relation classification has proven to be a hard task, with rather low performance on several corpora that notably differ on the.
by L Crible2020Cited by 3Speakers have several options when they express a discourse relation: they can leave it implicit, or make it explicit, usually through a connective.
by AT RutherfordCited by 42Inferring implicit discourse relations in natural language text is the most difficult subtask in discourse parsing. Many neu- ral network models have been ...
11 pages·222 KB
by W Xiang2022discuss future research directions for discourse relation analysis. CCS Concepts: • General and reference → Surveys and overviews; ...
Material design and study overviewby F Torabi Asr2020Cited by 8... whereas in our study, we put forward a distributional representation based on discourse-relation types.
by J MILLIKEN1999Cited by 1801Alker, Hayward and David Sylvan (1994) `Some Contributions of Discourse Analysis to Political Science', Kosmopolis 24(3): 5-25.
Discourse relations between two text segments play an important role in many ... and Chinese with Multiview Modeling and Effective Representation Learning.
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