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作者:GG Rao1998被引用次数:247Increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria has been exacerbated by the slow pace in developing newer antibiotics. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ...
作者:C Llor2014被引用次数:932Increased antimicrobial resistance is the cause of severe infections, complications ... Increase of the risk of adverse effects, some being life-threatening.
作者:F Chereau2017被引用次数:86Several context factors in the region increase the risk of acquisition, selection, and spread of antibiotic resistance (table 1⇓).
facing a higher burden of disease and risk of antimicrobial resistance still need to improve basic water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities,.
作者:H Getahun2020被引用次数:150Furthermore, hospital admissions increase the risk of health-care-associ- ated infections and the transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms, which.
作者:AS Nilsen2007被引用次数:9informing municipalities about new regulations and ways of handling risks, network meetings and exercises and inspections to improve risk management.
作者:ELY Yam2019被引用次数:37Enhanced surveillance and research to provide improved evidence-based ... At the population level, the accrual of risks of drug-resistant ...
2019年11月13日infection prevention can increase the chance that resistance develops, spreads, and puts the world at risk. It is critical that the United.
2019年1月24日Global Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System ... improving food safety) is important in reducing the risk of AMR developing and ...
2021年7月9日... may increase risk of developing antibiotic resistance ... But in up to half of patients harbouring drug resistant bacteria when they are ...

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