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adverb: ethically
  1. in a way that relates to moral principles.
    "to be spiritual may be interpreted both ethically and religiously"
    • in a morally good or correct manner.
      "we will act ethically in our relations with the public"
    • in a way that avoids activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.
      "she was keen to see her money invested ethically"
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in a way that is morally right or that relates to moral principles: He encouraged his students to think for themselves and to act morally and ethically. This ...
Ethically definition, in a way that relates to morals, the principles of morality, or right and wrong conduct:It is ethically unjustifiable to provide a ...
When you do something ethically, you do it in an honest and principled way. Investing your money ethically requires you to carefully consider the way it ...
1 : of or relating to ethics ethical theories · 2 : involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval ethical judgments · 3 : conforming to accepted standards ...
Synonyms for ETHICALLY: high-mindedly, morally, nobly, clean, cleanly, fair, fairly, legally, honorably.
synonyms for ethically · decently · properly · conscientiously · dispassionately · equitably · evenly · honestly · honorably ...
Adjectives to which "ethically" is often applied: right, wrong, acceptable, unacceptable, responsible, correct, good, neutral, questionable, permissible, ...
ethically · ​in the correct way according to your beliefs and principles. Doctors felt ethically obliged to continue the treatment. Questions about grammar and ...
That's where Ethically comes in. Install our chrome extension and choose what values matter most to you. We'll accompany you on your shopping journey and ...
Discover More Eco Living ... “Let's create a sustainable lifestyle.” — Ethically So. Our Eco Educate Journal.

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