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fluopicolide be on the market
Fluopicolide Technical Fungicide None Physical and Chemical Properties The ... new pesticides enter the market are safe for humans and the environment.
2007年12月19日Fluopicolide is a new fungicide approved for foliar use on grape; ... pesticides enter the market are safe for humans and the environment.
2020年10月22日About fluopicolide. Fluopicolide is a fungicide developed by Bayer CropSciences. It is currently widely registered for use in vegetables, ...
2018年3月7日EPA's safety finding for Start Printed Page 9705fluopicolide considers the ... proprietary market surveys, and the National Pesticide Use ...
由 V Toquin 著作2007被引用 30 次Fluopicolide, a new Anti-oomycetes Fungicide with a New Mode of Action ... Fluopicolide belongs to a new chemical class of fungicides (Fig. ... the market.
2019被引用 2 次For fluopicolide, MRL proposals and risk assessment values were ... found in various products from the market (see MSC report EFSA, 2019b).
Download Citation | Fluopicolide: A New Anti-oomycete Fungicide | Fluopicolide, which belongs ... an imidazolinone recently introduced in the world market.
Like other benzamides, fluopicolide acts on cytoskeleton and motor proteins, but it is categorized in B5 group on FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action ...
Infinito SC Fungicide (fluopicolide at 62.5 g a.i./L and propamocarb ... suitable MRLs or import tolerances may not exist in all markets for produce treated.
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The Meeting received information on fluopicolide metabolism and environmental fate, methods of residue analysis, freezer storage stability, ...
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