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2021年4月27日For FPGA slave i am using AXI quad spi IP core which is configured in slave mode. Please find the below block diagram design for same.
SPI master and SPI slave for FPGA written in VHDL. Contribute to jakubcabal/spi-fpga development by creating an account on GitHub.
Hi, I have a very similar requirement to this question, except I'm interfacing with an external MCU instead of an FPGA. As with the linked question, ...
2021年8月6日those SPI slave devices that support the Standard,. Dual, or Quad SPI protocol instruction set. This core provides a serial interface to SPI ...
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now we want to use nrf52840 qspi interface to connect with fpga. we have a question:whether nrf52840 could be used as qspi slave, and fpga used as master?
2020年4月25日I am trying to interface a PicoRV32 SoC in FPGA with a host computer and have way more bandwidth than a plain UART for transferring large ...
2019年7月10日and FPGA - QSPI/FlexSPI as Slave. Could you help us: the information on S.W. reference code/reference manual. Thanks,.
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Should I share that existing QSPI port with my new external slave device, or implement another AXI_Quad_SPI block? Now I'm forced to ask, how ...
2019年1月18日本文主要介绍Xilinx FPGA的配置模式,主要包括Master/Slave ... use pin that is shared with the high-speed QSPI/NAND/SRAM interface signals.

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