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jQuery selector XSS
This lab contains a DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerability on the home page. It uses jQuery's $() selector function to auto-scroll to a given post, ...
Apr 13, 2020Fix medium severity Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting jquery package, versions >=1.5.1 <3.5.0.
hash)" expected CSS selector in many case, but this code also can create html element. the quick patch by jquery is here - quickExpr = /^(?:[^<]*(<[\w\W]+> ...
Version: → 1.6.1
List of all jQuery versions vulnerable to class selector XSS. These jQuery libraries cause DOM XSS when a user controlled value is passed as a the class ...
jQuery Selectors Vulnerable to XSS. List of all jQuery versions vulnerable to class selector and location hash selector XSS.
Aug 18, 2013Methods other than html() also accept a selector string, DOM element, or jQuery reference as well, but those are less problematic. We decided to ...
<p class="info">jQuery DOM methods strip and <code>eval()</code> any script tags passed in, exposing an XSS vulnerability.</p>.

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