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lapack iterate firect elinmination
作者:V Eijkhout1998被引用次数:26appears in Gaussian elimination now becomes a matrix inversion and a matrix- ... Iterative methods CG, GMRES, CGS, TFQMR, BiCGstab, Direct solve on.
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作者:NJ HiGHAM1997被引用次数:53just one step of fixed precision iterative refinement is sufficient to yield a small component- wise relative backward error for Gaussian elimination with ...
Real, single, general matrix, linear equations ... LU decomposition – rephrase Gaussian elimination ... Use iterative method for sparse A.
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We present analysis that provides the theoretical support needed for LAPACK. The analysis covers both mixed and fixed precision iterative refinement with an ...
2020年4月14日Direct solvers produce the solution without iteration, ... (e.g. Gauss Elimination, or Forward/Backward substitution when applicable).
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作者:Y Saad被引用次数:18559ploiting ideas from sparse direct solvers. Gradually, iterative methods started to approach the quality of direct solvers. In earlier times, iterative ...
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Iterative refinement is an iterative method proposed by James H. Wilkinson to improve the accuracy of numerical solutions to systems of linear equations.
2015年10月21日My question is : What is the fastest method in Lapack which will not ... (3) sparse direct Cholesky solver, (4) sparse iterative Cholesky ...
作者:PD Michailidis2011被引用次数:16A serial version of the Gaussian elimination algorithm shown in Algorithm 1 consists of three nested loops. For each iteration of the outer loop ...
Bertil Gustafsson2011Mathematics
This is not possible for the Gauss elimination procedure, since it has a serial structure which is hard to parallelize. A special type of direct method is ...

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