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1984 Animal genetic resources: cryogenic storage of germplasm and molecular engineering ... A major problem facing wild animals, captive and free living, ...
geographic area. Cryoconservation will actually introduce genetic drift if germplasm is not collected from a sufficiently large number of animals. table 1.
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
“largest Germplasm animal”的图片搜索结果
2019年7月2日 — National Animal Germplasm Program coordinator Harvey Blackburn and technician Ginny Schmit place  ...
作者:HD Blackburn2019被引用次数:1 — National Animal Germplasm Program, Center for Agricultural Resources Research, ... The next largest category of breeds, i.e., having < 5000 animals or ...
作者:G Leroy2019被引用次数:5 — Also, a relatively larger proportion of transboundary breeds have ... The amount of germplasm required to allow such breed reconstitution ...
作者:PFAG Pools2019 — germplasm from the major livestock. (cattle, goat, sheep, and pig), and poultry ... livestock animal germplasm preserva- tion within the United States;.
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作者:I Köhler-Rollefson2004被引用次数:17 — Page 16: Large span for ploughing with oxen, cows and bulls. Eastern Cape, South Africa (Wolfgang Bayer) ... livestock germplasm from south to north have.
4d8 Bilateral agreement on sanitary issues in germplasm exchange – an example ... 1A2 Major centres of livestock domestication as inferred from.
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completion of major animal genome projects will result in new patents in this ... single new variety may contain germplasm from multiple sources.
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