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Low-input offset less than 150 µV enables high-accuracy signal measurement. Provides low-distortion, high-accuracy interface to drive high-speed ADCs. Digital Power Conversion。


The SR560 has a differential front end with 4 nV/√Hz input noise and an ...
Noise: 4 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
Maximum input: 3 Vpp
APPLICATIONS. DESCRIPTION. Very Low Noise, Differential. Amplifi er and 10MHz Lowpass Filter. The LT®6600-10 combines a fully differential amplifier with a.
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Any differential amplifier circuit used for baseband signal conditioning must have very low noise, and an output voltage swing ...
Low-Noise, Precision, 150-MHz, Fully Differential Amplifier. 1 Features. • Bandwidth: 150 MHz (G = 1 V/V). • Differential Output Slew Rate: 220 V/µs.
World's top level differential amplifier with extremely low noise. Wide voltage range measurement (sub micro-Volt to milli-Volt) ...
The input range can depend on the common-mode voltage, differential voltage, gain, and reference voltage. See the section for more details. Input Voltage Range ...
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The Electronics Lab of the Department of Physics in Basel presents a Low Noise Low Drift Differential Amplifier (SP 1004) that ...
Differential Audio Preamplifier IC. THAT1583 yields low noise and better performance for differential microphone preamplifier and bus summing applications.
作者:G Scandurra2011被引用次数:20 — Almost all low noise voltage preamplifier suitable for application in the field of Low Frequency Noise Measurements (either ...

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