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"Column names have duplicates"
The system is informing you that your CSV information file is badly arranged, as the system recognized that column in the worksheet has been engaged twice.
Jan 29, 2013
https://www.mag-manager.com › co...
magento 1.9 Column names have duplicates
Jul 19, 2016Now there is a check whether the file is valid or not, but in our case the information about the duplicate attribute values should be displayed ...
Mass Product Import & Update for Magento. Overview; User guide; Faq; Reviews; Compatibility; Changelog; Demo Store. Need help with your store ?
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С ними проверка данных вернула "Column names have duplicates" . Этот удаленный контент вернулся. Product Type is invalid or not supported in rows: 1 File is ...
Suppose we have built a custom grid and the source collection has an ambiguous column in the where / group by clause when applying a filter option i.e., we may ...
Nov 6, 2021Community versions 1.7, 1.8, 1.9. Magento Enterprise versions 1.12, 1.13, 1.14. This guide assumes that you already have a working Magento 1 ...
Duplicates found in column names [SOLVED] ... I have exported Sample CSV File from Magento Admin & importing the same file ... We have product_type column.

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