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mongodb auth per collection
Each privilege action in a role can be scoped to a different collection. ... For more information on user-defined roles and MongoDB authorization model, ...
Each system.users document has the following fields: admin.system.users.userId ¶ ... The authentication database associated with the user.

2021/07/22Each user, no matter which authentication database it was created in, can have privileges assigned across different databases. Authorization in ...
Match database and collection names case insensitively. mongodb.credentials. List of credentials. mongodb.min-connections-per-host.
Integration of MongoDB Atlas with Datadog is only available on M10+ clusters. ... Authenticate as the admin user. use admin db.auth("admin", ...
Enabling access control on a MongoDB deployment enforces authentication, requiring users to identify themselves. When accessing a MongoDB deployment that has ...
Learn how to use MongoDB's authorization and privilege systems to manage ... to each user, change to the database you are interested in and use the db.
So a special collection in each MongoDB database should defines the schema of all ... A comma separated list of username:password@collection credentials.
Shakuntala Gupta EdwardNavin Sabharwal2015Computers
Architecting, Developing, and Administering MongoDB Shakuntala Gupta Edward, ... Both authentication and authorization exist at a per-database level.

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