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normal operator invariant subspace
H Bercovici 著1990被引用数: 4 — space E of dimension > 2 has a nontrivial invariant subspace. (The trivial invariant subspaces ... The fact that normal operators have invariant subspaces.
J Wermer 著1952被引用数: 160 — ON INVARIANT SUBSPACES OF NORMAL OPERATORS'. JOHN WERMER. 1. Introduction. ... Let T be a bounded normal operator on Hilbert space.
ROE GOODMAN 著1966被引用数: 19 — Introduction. Let 3C be a separable Hilbert space and N a bounded, normal operator on X(N*N = NN*). Suppose 311 is a closed subspace of 3 invariant under N.
Introduction r Classes of operators with known invariant subspaces: ⋆ Normal operators (Spectral Theorem). ⋆ Compact Operators ...
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D Sarason 著1966被引用数: 298 — every invariant subspace of A, then B belongs to the weakly ... weakly closed algebra of normal operators on a Hilbert space H,.
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In the field of mathematics known as functional analysis, the invariant subspace problem is ... The spectral theorem shows that all normal operators admit invariant ...
RG DOUGLAS 著1968被引用数: 76 — invariant subspaces for a given operator on Hilbert space. Let 2 ... completely solve this problem for the class of normal operators.
On invariant subspaces of normal operators. Author: John Wermer Journal: Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 3 (1952), 270-277. MSC: Primary 46.3X
RG WAHL 著2010 — Invariant subspaces are central to the study of operators and the spaces on which they are defined. Up to similarity, the Jordan Normal Form expresses any ...
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