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Object.assign() 方法用于将所有可枚举属性的值从一个或多个源对象分配到目标对象。它将返回目标对象。


Object.assign() copies the values (of all enumerable own properties) from one or more source objects to a target object. It has a signature of ...
2017年1月16日 — ES2015 `Object.assign()` ponyfill.
2020年10月31日 — ES6 spec-compliant Object.assign shim. From https://github.com/es-shims/es6-shim.
ES2015 Object.assign() ponyfill. Contribute to sindresorhus/object-assign development by creating an account on GitHub.
JavaScript Object.assign() copies enumerable and own properties from a source object to a target object. It can be used to clone an object or merge objects.
2021年7月9日 — assign() which is used to copy the values and properties from one or more source objects to a target object. It invokes getters and setters ...
"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.
Setup server createServer(assign({}, TEST_CONFIG, { ports: testPorts, domains: [host] }), helloWorld)

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