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2021年5月6日 — As a reminder, this test was used to Edit the form and write into the ... We removed the className attribute because it is no longer useful.
2021年4月30日 — In our widget, we defined the className property to add our class .o_field_markdown to identify our widget in the DOM.
2020年6月9日 — In Odoo we can conditionally apply some of the attributes to a view ... Let me replace invisible from the code above with required and then ...
2019年12月6日 — class InheritanceParent(models.Model):. _name = 'inheritance.parent ... In the delegation inheritance, we use the _inherits attribute.
2021年2月24日 — I am trying to make in this tree view the fields read only, ... in xpath definition you could use position="attributes" to override an ...
This module add widget to render boolean fields ... baseClass: Global class prefix - default: "bootstrap-switch"; wrapperClass: Container element class(es) ...
2019年10月22日 — The field class must display and allow the user to edit the value of the field. It must correctly implement the 3 field attributes available in ...


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