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Jul 18, 201210 posts4 authors
Hi,. Is it possible to check in a .pro file if environment variables are defined? How could I do this in qmake: @ifdef AMDAPPSDKROOT
defined(name[, type])Checks whether qmake runs at the specified debug level. If yes, it returns true and prints a debug message. defined(name[, type]).

qmake provides built-in functions that perform simple, yet powerful tests. These tests may be used in place of scopes (as described above), in some cases it is ...
Note: Unix is defined on Mac OS! If you want to test for Mac OS (not generic Unix), then use the unix:!macx condition. In Qt Creator, the ...
The typical pattern of use is to assign a list of values to a variable, and append more values depending on the result of various tests. Since qmake defines ...
Next, define your build system with qmake. ... to the root directory of your project, and check _Add build library search path to PATH if not already done.
Succeeds if the variable variablename contains the value value; otherwise fails. You can check the return value of this function using a scope. For example:
By Qt definition, functions are written lower case (include), ... CONFIG_FOUND = [ProjectName] is used to check whether the project is actually existing ...

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