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2020年8月11日 — 5Gレディのネットワーク. • グローバルへの展開 - RCP (Rakuten Communications Platform) ... 4G & 5G. OpenRAN. プラットフォーム.
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Foundation for 5G network services. Speed is only 25% below competition. No. 2 in the World. On-Network Time. Rakuten. Mobile. Japan. MNOs. Global. Rakuten.
2020年8月11日 — Rakuten Mobile – Journey of innovation. • Keeping our Promises. • Our Network is 5G Ready. • Going Global - RCP (Rakuten Communications ...
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楽天モバイルのクラウド設備は全て自社管理下の. 設備にて運用している。 ・4G Core Networkは Software Upgradeに. よって5Gへ移行可能。 Radio Access. Network.
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“As the newest MNO in Japan,. Rakuten Mobile Network Inc. has partnered with Cisco to design and deliver an innovative 5G system architecture from the ground up ...
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Rakuten Mobile is now set to disrupt the telecommunications industry with a new, cloud-native approach to ... that the move to 5G generates also requires.
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2021年2月10日 — At Rakuten Mobile, we are strong proponents of an open 5G stack. We have deployed the world's first 4G and 5G fully virtualized cloud native ...
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2020年10月9日 — Rakuten Communications Platform will provide operators around the world with access to the best of Rakuten Mobile's innovative network ...
2021年2月5日 — Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP) defacto standard for 5G core and ... /etsi_ts/123500_123599/123501/16.06.00_60/ts_123501v160600p.pdf.
2021年6月25日 — Rakuten Mobile has adopted 5G architecture from the launch of its network, including a CUPS (Control and User Plane Separated) packet core ...
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