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scikit lasso parallel
class sklearn.linear_model. ... max_iter=1000, tol=0.0001, copy_X=True, cv= None, verbose=False, n_jobs=None, positive=False, ... Lasso linear model with iterative fitting along a regularization path.
class sklearn.linear_model. Lasso (alpha=1.0, *, fit_intercept=True, normalize= False, precompute=False, copy_X=True, ...

2014年11月5日 — So it appears that it runs in parallel. I would prefer that fitting is done using a single core/thread only, but ...
from joblib import Parallel, effective_n_jobs ... Lasso. LassoLars. LassoCV. LassoLarsCV. sklearn.decomposition.
2019年5月17日 — Linear, Lasso, and Ridge Regression with scikit-learn ... Lasso Regression. Elastic Net ... Output: 1LinearRegression(copy_X=True, fit_intercept=True, n_jobs=1, normalize=False).
2020年9月21日 — n_jobs: Specify the number of cores to use for key machine learning tasks. Common values are:.
class sklearn.linear_model. ... The regularization parameter alpha parameter in the Lasso. ... n_jobs : integer, optional.
Machine learning algorithms implemented in scikit-learn expect data to be stored in a ... LinearRegression(copy_X=True, fit_intercept=True, n_jobs=1, normalize= True) ... for Model in [Ridge, Lasso]:.
由 IS Dhillon 著作2013 — Scikit-learn: What it includes. Supervised Learning. Regression: Ridge Regression, Lasso, SVR, etc.

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