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Y Zhao 著被引用数: 26 — compression with better quality? To answer the above questions, a syntax-based neural language model is trained on large-scale.
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2021/05/31 — Sentence compression is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) task in ... evaluate the quality of the compressions generated by our model, ...
T Niu 著2019被引用数: 2 — bidirectional language model (BERT) to score each candidate deletion based on the average ... tive Sentence Compression, and found that our.
Sentence compression produces a shorter sentence by removing redundant information, ... Trend, Dataset, Best Model, Paper Title, Paper, Code, Compare ...
D Galanis 著2010被引用数: 56 — sentence compression method that uses a language model P(y) and a channel model P(x|y), where x. 1An implementation of our method will be freely available.
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Y Shichel 著2021 — The top-performing sentence compression mod- els use a Policy Network coupled with a Syntactic. Language Model (bi-LSTM) evaluator (Zhou and.
LY Jun 著 — The Bi-LSTM model presents a performance gain over the Baseline model with a F1 score of 0.604. However, these low F1 scores result in poor-quality predicted.
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Z Li 著2020被引用数: 13 — language is really salient for learning source representation. Intuitively, when a person reads ... supervised sentence compression model cannot be trained.
J Clarke 著2006被引用数: 118 — used to determine compression quality. 1 Introduction. Automatic sentence compression has recently at- tracted much attention, in part because of its affin-.
YCSA Hasan 著被引用数: 27 — important sentences to form a summary can degrade the summary quality if there ... also worked on sentence compression related to languages other than ...

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