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S Li 著2020被引用数: 10 — One of the two RNA strands is selected to become the mature miRNA sequence and form an Ago-miRNA ...
www.nature.com からのsmall RNA-seq miRNA 1 mismatch
て特異的に認識され, より短い前駆体 miRNA(pre-miRNA), miRNA/miRNA*(3'端 2 塩基突. 出で数塩基のミスマッチを持つ二本鎖 RNA)へと切断される(図 1)。
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AS Baras 著2015被引用数: 75 — Small RNA RNA-seq for microRNAs (miRNAs) is a rapidly developing field ... and having up to 1 mismatch as a separate miRNA hairpin read.
PH Russell 著2018被引用数: 4 — Table 1. miRNA quantification methods for small RNA-seq ... max 1 mismatch in seed, Bowtie2 default: report one best alignment per read ...
2018/03/02 — Parallel Signature Sequencing)法による解析(マスト細胞)>を導入し、 ... 我々は癌と microRNA(miRNA)との関連を見出すため、臨床検体(頭頸部 ...
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J Gong 著2014被引用数: 67 — miRNA expression profiles revealed that on average ∼70% of known miRNAs were expressed at low level or not expressed (RPM < 1) in a sample and only ∼9% of ...
1 塩基ミスマッチの識別が可能. ○ microRNA ファミリーの優れた識別. ○ in vivo および in vitro における高い安定性. ○ RNA や DNA への高い結合力.
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X Wu 著2017被引用数: 47 — For miRNA mapping, our default param- eters count a perfect match (no mismatch) as 1, one mis- match as 0.8 and two mismatches count as 0.6.
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CAP‑miRS...2014Pipeline for...Bowtie
Chimira2015Web applic...BLASTn
CPSS2012Web applic...SOAP2


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