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thanks for the reminder
Thanks for the reminder or Thanks for reminding me? - Which English form is more popular?


2020年10月5日 — In short, this “thank you for the reminder” means that someone has been reminded of something and is thanking ...
2012年6月18日1 个回答1 位作者
Which one is correct? 'Thanks for reminding me' which is currently happen. Or 'Thanks for the reminder'? I'm confused which one to use.
2018年7月13日 — 想說「謝謝你的提醒」,不過腦中只有Thank you 或Thanks 嗎?一起來看看這個辦公室的日常對話吧! ... (C) Thanks for the reminder.
2015年5月26日 — 我們最常見到在商業英文email裡的一個錯誤句子: "Thanks for your kindly reminder." (謝謝你的善意提醒。)或類似句子: "Thank.
What's the definition of Thanks for the reminder in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Thanks for the reminder meaning and ...
1 convention You use thank you or, in more informal English, thanks to express your gratitude when someone does something for you or gives you what you ...

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