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2021年8月6日Waypoint 2028-2029 is the U.S. Army's coherent and holistic approach to fight and win within the Multi-Domain Operations construct.
由 AFC Pamphlet 著作2020U.S. Army Concept: Brigade Combat Team Cross-Domain Maneuver 2028. This concept, dated 14 August 2020: o Expands upon maneuver and combined ...
The reorganization plan of the United States Army is a current modernization (2017-2028) and ... Multi-Domain Task Forces ( ...
The purpose of the United States Army War College is to produce graduates ... trained the officer corps in “how” to think critically.
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2018年3月26日U.S. Army Secretary Mark Esper said the service of 2028 will be ready to ... Launch Rocket System battalions to the service's divisions.
New US Army division templates for 2028, abandoning BTCs and returning to ... You've got engineer battalions at division level ...
The U.S. Army in Multi-Domain Operations. 2028 ... similar for the Army to solve the problems presented by ... Echelons Above Brigade Formations.

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